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360 Click and Drag


Pebble is a beautifully crafted ergonomic computer mouse. 

Inspired from the shape of a pebble, Pebble is designed to be smooth and comfortable to the touch. With no bulging and distracting components, the pebble is a sculpted form that has a great variety of features. Having a touch sensor underneath, it encourages for more haptic communication from the hand and a smoother work flow. 

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The project started from a lot of sketching and 3D Sculpting. Slowly tweaking and adjusting till the product perfectly fit under the hand. To adjust the wrist to a perfect horizontal position, therefore reducing the stress needed to operate the product. Then, proceeding to translate the 3D clay sculpture to digital 3D on the computer, became the next step. Polishing and tweaking in this stage was also very crucial. 


Ensuring Ergonomics

The constant tweaking of the clay and digital model was also to achieve the perfect comfortable angle for the wrist and grip to move the mouse around.

Exploded Pebble 08.13.2018.jpg